How To Safely Eat Gluten Free While Traveling

How To Safely Eat Gluten Free While Traveling
Does the thought of traveling when you have to eat gluten free make you want to stay at home forever? Do you have enough trouble going out to eat locally….let alone finding safe food in an unknown place?
I know the feeling! However, there is hope! I am currently planning a trip and I wanted to share my tips and hacks on how to safely travel with out being glutened.

6 Tips on How To Safely Eat Gluten Free While Traveling
1) Research the area(s) you are traveling to. What is the restaurant selection like? Where are you staying, what services do they have? Do you have the option of a kitchen or kitchenette where you are staying? Do you have access to a crockpot, blender, or oven?
  • If you do have access to a kitchen make sure you wash all prep, cooking surfaces, utensils, and dishes with soap and water. Buy some crockpot liners, parchment paper and/or aluminum foil to use for safe surfaces with using crockpot, pans, grill, etc.
  • Call ahead to restaurants with gluten free options and talk to them about their prep areas and procedures in making gluten free foods
    • Do they use a separate prep area with clean utensils?
    • Do they change the pasta water?
    • Do they change gloves?
    • Is there a separate fryer?
    • Can you make substitutions to your meal?
    • Can your food be made on clean foil or parchment paper (grilled meat or pizza)?
    • Are seasonings and sauces gluten free?
2) Research the area(s) grocery stores and markets. Do you have access to local produce? Is there a place where you can buy gluten free foods? Think about essentials. Can you make salads, crockpot meals, Instant Pot meals or grill?

3) What snacks can you pack? Are you driving or flying? Do you need to pack a cooler or carry on bag?
4) Bring your own toiletries that you know are gluten free safe.
5) Bring GF Wellness Emergency Kit to prevent illness or help if you are glutened.
6) Have a positive Mindset.  To keep a positive mindset, select affirmations to repeat to  yourself, choose to have fun and don’t rush. Rushing is usually what causes glutened accidents to happen. Don’t let people rush you at restaurants or make you feel bad for getting the proper food. Plan out options and be clear in what you want and need.

Here is a free GF Trip Planning Checklist to help you prepare for your trip! Happy Travels!