Grain Free Cake Donuts

Grain Free Cake Donuts
A little history for you….
According to Bon Appetit, cake doughnuts first appeared in US cookbooks in the 1830s, around the same time that baking soda and baking powder first became commercially available. Cake doughnuts became popular when the Salvation Army set up canteens in France during World War I, where women served soldiers a taste of home in the form of freshly fried doughnuts and coffee. 
Fyi, “doughnut” is the official British English spelling and “donut” is the shortened American spelling. 

When I talk to people that have to eat gluten free one of the most missed foods are donuts.
Though I haven't had the best luck making a healthy fried donut, cake donuts are a different story! I have fond memories of making donuts when I was a kid and I was determined to make something healthier that I would be able to eat and share with you!
This donut recipe is also grain free and uses a grain free flour blend. I have not tested this recipe with other flour blends but you are welcome to try - a store bought paleo blend should work well. 
This recipe pack also includes a few glaze ideas, but I suggest that you experiment and try out your favorite flavor combos! I'm already thinking of new ones...peanut butter and chocolate…mocha....blueberry and lemon.....

I've found that the best donut pan to use (after trial and error and many stuck donuts) is a silicone pan with the donut diameter of about 2.75 inches.  This will give you a nice full donut. Also, if you wet your fingers and smooth the top of the batter before you put it in the oven you will have a more uniform look....or you can glaze that side and no one will know! 

Eating gluten free and healthy doesn't mean you have to miss out, sometime you just need to change your mindset a little and look for the rainbow in the storm. So take time and enjoy a grain free cake donut or two....have fun experimenting with flavors in the glaze. You can even try out different gluten free extracts, like these from Bakto Flavors.  Or you can keep it simple and use coconut cream on top or melted coconut manna.


To download the complete PDF version of the cake donut recipe, glazes and flour blend Click Here