Why do I feel horrible? Is it gluten?

Why do I feel horrible? Is it gluten?
Are you tired? Waking up every morning in a sluggish, hungover, brain fog state? 
Are your mornings full of rushing and forgetfulness?
Do you wonder where your energy went? 
Do you pump yourself up with coffee, soda, or sugar? Do you crash at the end of the day? 
Do you constantly reward yourself with food or beverage? 
Well, that was me! I was surviving my days with coffee and surviving my nights with quick food and chocolate. I used food as a way to cope with stress. 
I have always loved creating food in the kitchen but I wasn't nurturing my body with the food I was making. I was hurting it. 
Making brownies and eating the whole pan yourself (within a couple hours), isn't always wise!
I was also constantly battling with my complexion. I was a regular visitor at the dermatologist, dealing with acne that never seemed to go away.
Then along came children....I was devoting everything to survival! I mean, my husband and I lived off pans of rice crispy treats for two weeks after our first child was born! Survival mode is tricky, it is necessary...but it can also become consuming. Who wants to be consumed...especially for your entire life? Speaking from rice crispy brain fog...sugar is addicting...and giving it the cold shoulder is hard! 
Luckily, there are ways to gain freedom over your food! 
What food or drink is holding you prisoner? 
What eating pattern can't you let go of?
What did your doctor tell you to cut back on? 
What autoimmune disease has you wondering how you are ever going to eat anything that tastes good again?! 
I want to give you a few free recipes to boost your confidence. You can do this! Here are my quick and easy recipes for the whole family. Quick GF recipes for everyone.pdf 
Do you want to stop the gluten free struggle? Join my free challenge "Striving to Thriving in 28 Days: Gluten Free Wellness Challenge" to help you restore your energy and start on a path of healing. 
My community Gluten Free & Thriving Ladies will help you find the resources and the recipes you need to take charge of your health! 
It is time to live a thriving life, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones.