What is Balance?
Tonight, I’m thinking about life balance….as I sit and eat my 5th cookie of the night. Why does life balance matter so much?  Why are we not aware of it until it’s unbalanced? Why are we always striving for but never attain balance? Is balance fleeting? Is it a myth?
noun. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc. a state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.
Autoimmune diseases are the result of the body not being balanced. The communication system in the body breaks down and the body’s immune system targets its own tissues. There are many different causes and reasons for unbalance, do you know what yours are? For some people this creates a domino effect that leaves the person suffering from health complications and multiple autoimmune diseases.
What can we do to stop this downward spiral? Stop the scaring, stop the weight gain, stop the hair loss, stop the lack of focus, stop the mindless days?
Let’s start with dreams…. if you could change your life, what would it look like?
Now look at that list and determine what is keeping you from moving toward those dreams? What is keeping you unbalanced?
Next, pick one dream and write down three tasks each day that will move you toward balance in that area of your life.
You CAN overcome the overwhelm. To start, identify your biggest stressors in each of “The 7 F’s of Oola” (below). Write down your list in a journal or on your smartphone, so you can refer back to it. Are you out of balance in:
Fitness: Excess weight? Poor nutrition? Little exercise?
Finance: Crushing debt? No retirement plans? Too many bills?
Family: Need boundaries? Marriage on life support?
Field: Career stress? No free time? Low pay or benefits?
Faith: No real relationship with God? Need a daily practice?
Friends: Toxic friends that bring you down? Need mentors?
Fun: No time f or fun? Waiting until you’re older or retired?
Whatever is stressing you, let’s work together to completely transform your life into one that’s balanced, happy and growing. I’ve joined forces with Dave and Troy to bring my followers the Oola formula via a 10-week coaching experience designed to transform your life, your finances, your relationships and more. Message me and we can jump on a call about it.
Get community support with other gluten free women in Gluten Free & Thriving Ladies . As we share about our struggles and provide accountability. Take part in the free challenge “Striving to Thriving in 28 Days: The Gluten Free Wellness Challenge. Each day we will work on improving an element of wellness, such as energy, focus, sleep, and nutrition.


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